Maria Pastor
Director of Laumar Selección

Jaume Pastor Muner
Founder and manager of Laumar Selección

More than 25 years ago, Jaime Pastor Moner founded Laumar, inspired by the historic family business of distribution and sale of seafood from Galicia. With a deep love and respect for the sea and the products with which it delights us, the company has been professionalizing and adapting to the needs of customers and to different changes that have occurred in the marketing of quality seafood.

Laumar was a pioneer in the distribution and wholesale of fresh seafood in Galicia and today, having incorporated the next generation of family into management, it has a team of qualified professionals capable of responding to customer needs.

With a global vision and having adapted to a constantly changing competitive environment, we also care about locating and importing the best products in those seas of the world where we can find them.

Our work philosophy is based on tradition, combined with innovation, sustainability, as a sign of responsibility and respect for the sea and, above all, the selection of the highest quality products to serve in a personalized way to restaurants, department stores and points for sale in Spain and abroad.

For this reason, our clients, our suppliers and our team form a great family, the LAUMAR SELECCIÓN family. Welcome!

Until 37 varieties from the best selection of fresh seafood. “Until 37 varieties from the best selection of fresh seafood.”